Metalized Polypropylene AC Film Capacitors


General Purpose and Motor Run Capacitors



Oil-filled, Round, Metal Case
  SP65A-1T Oil-filled, Oval, Metal Case
  SP60 Dry, Round Metal or Plastic Case
  SP61 Dry, Box, Plastic Case

HID Lighting Capacitors    

  SP66A-1 Oil-filled, Round, Metal Case
  SP66A-1T Oil-filled, Oval, Metal Case

Microwave Oven Capacitors    

  SPH85 Oil-filled, Oval, Metal Case

Low Voltage PFC Capacitors  (self-healing type)   

  SP-BCMJ3 Low voltage PFC, Metal Case 
  SP-BCMJ5 Low voltage PFC, Metal Case 

Custom Capacitors

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