HID Lighting Capacitors, Oil Filled, Round Metal Case

UL and CUL  Listed; File Number: E243876

The HID lighting capacitor series is designed with top quality polypropylene film as a medium, which can endure high temperature using adopted advanced technology of evaporating ZN-Al alloy. These capacitors have low dissipation factor, high temperature range, and durable service.

UL recognized.


Technical Specifications

Temperature Range

-40 to 70o C, 85o C, 100o C

Rated Voltage

120 to 540VAC

Capacitance Range

3 to 100 µF

Operating Frequency

50/60 Hz

Dielectric Withstand Voltage

T - T: 1.75 x Rated Voltage

T - C: = 2000 VAC

Capacitance Tolerance

± 3%

Dissipation Factor

Tan d £ 0.2% (100 Hz)


PDF icon Expanded Specifications (PDF)     


Used in high intensity discharge (HID) lamps: high-pressure sodium, high pressure halogen, and other lamps.



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