A.C. General Purpose and Motor Run Capacitors, Box Type, Plastic Case
UL and CUL Listed; File Number: E244490

These low cost capacitors have features of excellent self-healing properties, small volume and low dissipation factor. Plastic box construction ensures safety with flame retardant plastic and flame retardant epoxy fill. Available with quick disconnect terminals or wires. UL recognized.  

Technical Specifications

Ambient Temperature

-40 to 70  o C

Rated Voltage

250 to 500 VAC

Test Voltage

T-T: 1.5 x Un
T-C: 2000 VAC

Capacitance Tolerance

+/- 5%;  +/-10%

Insulation Resistance

T-T: > 3000 MW-mF
T-C: > 1000 MW

Dissipation Factor

Tan d O 0.004 (50 Hz)

PDF icon Expanded Specifications (PDF)


Used in electric fans, refrigerators, electric pumps and other A.C. motor applications to change the phase of the motor and improve torque.


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