About SC

Technology from a leading film capacitor company, attractive costs, quality control by international standards, state of the art production lines, and reliable infrastructure and distribution... 

These are just a few of the benefits SC's customers enjoy to successfully compete in the global market place having SC as their film capacitor source. Our plants in China are among the largest producers of oil-filled, dry film and electrolytic capacitors. Our manufacturing expertise and QC vigilance are in place with a rigorous, multi-disciplined approach to quality control and project management.

SC's North American operation together with its local personnel in China manages all aspects of supply chain management from procurement and production through logistics and consolidation, as well as post-sales customer service. 

We have established ourselves to provide quality capacitors as: 

  • Quality low cost manufacturer
  • On-site quality controller for OEM customers
  • Intellectual property sentinel for OEM customers
  • Timeline consolidator and expediter

SC -- streamlined Supply Chain -- solving logistic challenges that can kill the profitability on a job -- to maximize cost and time efficiency. 


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